Quindici Restaurant – Ludovic Beauregard

//Quindici Restaurant – Ludovic Beauregard

Quindici Restaurant – Ludovic Beauregard

With over 20 years experience in Montreal’s highly competitive restaurant industry, Ludovic Beauregard, owner and operator of Quindici, knows exactly who his customers are, and how to provide with them with all the quality, class, and style of a high-end restaurant at a reasonable price.

Your restaurant is very elegant. Would it be a good place to bring a date?

It’s perfect for a romantic night out with your wife or girlfriend, but it’s also a great place to spend an evening with your friends and family because we offer our guests a variety of options when it comes to ambience. We have a traditional dining room, but we also have a bar area that is more lively and social. We have private rooms if your group is having an event, and we have what I honestly believe is one of the most beautiful terrasses in Little Italy, with live music all through the summer.

What is your approach to pizza?

We have a special electric oven that gives the pizzas the same taste and texture as a wood burning oven but is more efficient and convenient. The real secret is that our pizza chef, who is the best in the world as far as I’m concerned, has a secret Sicilian recipe that he uses to make the dough. Customers are always asking what ingredients we use to give the crust its unique taste but we’ll never tell.

Which of your pizzas is the most popular?

Customers really like our Pizza Margherita. We found a company in Italy that makes the best mozzarella di bufala, so we import it directly from them. It’s delivered fresh by Fed Ex every day. Our other big seller is our Pizza Salsiccia, with Italian sausage. We like to work with local artisans so we order a special mix of sausage that’s made right here in Little Italy. We only work with the highest quality ingredients, so no anti-biotics, no hormones, no preservatives. We use organic whenever we can. Even our spices, when we read the list of ingredients, if we see preservatives, we don’t use it.

We put that attention to detail into every aspect of the restaurant. The décor, the ambience, and especially the food. Everything is designed to deliver the highest-quality experience at the best price. We do everything we can to give the customer a great deal, but we will never skimp on quality.

Quindici is at 15 Rue Belanger in Little Italy. Table d’hote from $35. Delivery by Ubereats.


Writer: Robbie Dillon

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