Now that’s Door-to-Door Service!

//Now that’s Door-to-Door Service!

Now that’s Door-to-Door Service!

While Ford and Domino’s are experimenting with self-driving delivery cars, The Pizza Hut in Oak Lake, Texas came up with a completely novel way to get pies to their customers. The community was one of many that were recently devastated by the rain and 100 mph winds of Hurricane Harvey. Homes were destroyed, and streets were flooded with water as deep as chest-high in some cases.

But like the trusty mailmen of days gone by, no mere weather event could stop Shaya Habib, the local Pizza Hut manager, from getting food out to stranded members of her community. Rather than shutting down, Habib’s team of delivery people loaded up kayaks with stacks of pizzas and rowed or waded out to the homes of their customers, many of whom had no other access to food and beverages. Hundreds of pizzas were distributed by the Oak Lake Pizza Hut, earning them accolades from Pizza Hut’s head office, and recognition by media outlets around the world. Despite the constant rain and flooding, Habib continued to deliver pizzas until the restaurant’s food supplies ran out.


Writer: Robbie Dillon

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