Tony Marinaro

Tony Marinaro is the host of the Montreal Forum sports radio show on Montreal’s TSN 690 LPW: You come from an Italian background, so I guess you know a thing or two about pizza. TM: It’s my favourite food. Everywhere I have travelled to I try their pizza. I’ve eaten pizza in different parts of the Caribbean, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the United States and obviously Italy. They say that Napoli has the best pizza in the world mainly because of their water and their temperature. Unfortunately, I’ve never eaten pizza in Napoli. The best pizza I ever had was in Sicily. [...]

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Claudia Barilà

Claudia Barila is a Montreal entrepreneur and philanthrophist who is involved in a variety of projects including The One Drop Foundation, which is dedicated to providing access to safe water, the Orange Rouge restaurant in Chinatown, and Edu2 (Educare), an innovative, technology-focused alternative school located in the Mile End. Are you excited about Pizza Week? I’m super excited and a very picky judge of pizza. I have very specific ideas about what I think makes a good pizza. Obviously the crust is important, the thickness of the crust, the sauce and all the condiments. Did you eat a lot of [...]

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Dino Tavarone

Our good friend and journalist; Robbie Dillon sat down to chat with him recently. Here it is below: Dino Tavarone is a veteran Montreal actor known for his roles in Omerta: La Loi du Silence, Mon Ami Dino, Mambo Italiano, and a host of other film and television projects. Born in the Lucania region of Southern Italy, he also owned and operated the well-known Bon Gusto Restaurant in Montreal’s Little Italy neighbourhood for more than 20 years. All of which makes him an expert when it comes to judging pizza. Q: So what do you think makes for a great [...]

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Corey Shapiro

Corey Shapiro is a Montreal-based entrepreneur, fashion historian, and director of several global brands, including Notorious Barbershop and Vintage Frames, supplier of designer eyewear to an elite clientele that includes The Kardashians, Lady Gaga, and Jay-Z. Have you eaten a lot of pizza in your life? My stepmom is Italian and she used to make her own homemade pizza, so I grew up eating all sorts of Italian food, including pizza. What will you be looking for as a pizza judge? I think the sauce is a major factor. I’m not necessarily big on pizza with a lot of [...]

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Mike Paterson

Mike Paterson is an international comedy superstar with a long list of television and film credits to his name. Fresh off a spectacular run of 24 shows and a French Language Gala at this year’s Just For Laughs Festival, he’s hungry for his latest challenge: finding Montreal’s best vegetarian pizza! Have you eaten a lot of vegetarian pizza? I’ve been a vegetarian for 23 years. From the time I was 18 until I was 31, pretty much all I ate was vegetarian pizza, which makes me kind of an expert. In fact, I love pizza so much that my PIN [...]

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Milad Sahafzadeh

Milad Sahafzadeh is a Canadian entrepreneur with Persian descent. He is the Founder and president of IMAGEMOTION a leading Content and Influencer marketing agency. With close to a decade of experience in the field of digital marketing, advertising and talent management, Milad is a creative leader with a diverse vision and a strategic brand builder. With a vast network in the Canadian lifestyle and luxury sector, he consults many brands to thrive in the digital space by executing campaigns targeted to millennials and generation z. Milad has a deep interest in visual arts as well as music . He is a professional classical Pianist. He is a Foodie, passionate about Wine, and a Dog lover!

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Nadège St Philippe

Weather reporter TVA Nouvelles-LCN Creator, ALEXANDRE Jewelry Nadège St-Philippe, a young Quebec woman of Haitian origin, has an extraordinary track record. Resourceful and highly talented, she combines both personal and professional experiences. After 14 years of ballet-jazz, she became a passionate step fitness choreographer, group fitness coach, co-host for TSN and RDS (reporting from Barbados and Florida), host of Nadège en 32 temps, weather presenter on TVA and LCN networks, founder of the company Lacaye’la (dedicated to healthy lifestyle habits), public speaker, spokesperson for charitable organizations (including Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi) and a committed volunteer in various community initiatives. Nadège also holds [...]

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Alexandre Despatie

Alex Despatie is one of Canada’s most successful and respected athletes. A world champion diver and two-time Olympic medalist, he now works as a TV and radio broadcaster. Are you a fan of pizza? I actually love pizza. I don’t have it too often, but I just came back from Italy and I had some absolutely amazing pizzas over there. It’s great because it’ll give me a good base to judge all the pizzas we’re going to be judging for Pizza Week.

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